How to celebrate Rakhi in this Pandemic Circumstances

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Raksha Bandhan is on the 3rd of August and lockdown will probably be over by then. But then again it will not be safe to visit places. It’s suggested not to. It’s hard to think about how we can celebrate anything through this COVID-19 pandemic 2020. This festival honors the sibling relationship and allows them to celebrate together.

India is identified for its festivals. The culture of this festival reminds our old-fashion culture. But we love to celebrate this festival with our siblings. We Indians cannot go by without celebrating our favorite celebrations. One of them is Raksha Bandhan. So, what are we thought to do during these unfavorable circumstances? What are all the siblings supposed to do? Well, if you are experiencing the same things in the house then it’s excellent for you. Raksha Bandhan in lockdown with the same care & feel like before.

Video call with your siblings:

Celebrating the Raksha Bandhan festival digitally is a great idea. For siblings who can’t visit each other, celebrate Raksha Bandhan from the other country on a video call. Show all the rakhi ceremonies over the call and wishes while filling your mouth with yummy sweets.

Online gifts can happy your siblings:

Supermarkets are crowded plus it is not safe to walk from one shop to another. So, relax at home, and order rakhis & rakhi gifts online. There are more categories online, and you can check out the variety that’s in your budget. The online website also contributes rakhi delivery across private & foreign destinations that you can avail to post rakhi for your brother who lives away from you.

Trendy digital gifts:

If you can’t return the gifts, then digital gifts are a marvelous option. Digital gifts like guitarist on-call, gift voucher, e-greeting card, personalized video message, personalized parody, etc. will light up the celebrations.

Dress up & have fun:

Sad Because you couldn’t go dresses shopping for Rakhi this year. Order online within a few steps. Dress up and discover your new home fashion style. It will take you in the feeling of celebration even if it is just at home or over a video call with your brother.

Homemade Sweets:

If you have planned to avoid ordering sweets from outside in this COVID situation, then make them at home. That is more fun and beautiful moments for you. There are billions of recipe videos online. Check out the recipe for sweets that your family likes the most & shock them with mouth-watering homemade sweets on Raksha Bandhan.

Reminisce Rakhi Memories:

Go through photographs of previous years' Rakhi festival. Share the pictures and have fun at home enjoying food and sweets with your siblings. It will help boost your moods and make you realize that you’re blessed to have the company of your siblings during such challenging COVID times.

Party at Home:

Organize a party at home with your family. Play indoor games for an added more fun on it. If you miss going out for cocktails and food, plan a game karaoke nighttime at home with your siblings. A great approach to spread joy and love on this specific day of siblings.

Do not suffer the Covid-19 situation take away all the enjoyment from your love #NokJhonkBandhan and have a party with these Rakhi ceremony ideas.

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