Online cake delivery in Chennai

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We are specialized in delivering 5 star Hotel Chocolate cakes, Black Forest Cakes, Kids cakes and other variety cakes. Florist Chennai online cake delivery in Chennai made easy. You can choose the category and select the right product quickly. We have provided easy navigation for your needs and requirements in our website.

Once you find your desired product, click on order now button. You will be redirected to payment gateway window with step by step instructions. After you make the payment, we will contact in email and let you know the delivery details. Your order number and receipt will be delivered to your email with delivery date.

Surprise your kids by presenting Barbie Cakes, Spiderman Cakes, Mickey Mouse Cakes, Donald Duck Cakes, Puppy Cakes and other cake varieties. These names and virtual characters are very familiar for them. They like to taste these types of cakes and they show more interests in cakes.

Kids Photo Cakes: This cake is specially prepared for your kid that creates more fun and happiness for them. Your kid photograph is printed on the cake with different flavors and colors.

Midnight Birthday cake delivery Chennai We deliver birthday cakes before 15 minutes of the birthday celebration time. Ex: if birthday celebration starts at 12:00 AM Friday, we deliver the cake at 11:45 PM Thursday. This special delivery option is not available with other online services. We are doing this

Midnight Birthday cake delivery service in Chennai from the year of 2007. It is most welcomed by youth people to give a surprise for the birthday celebrity.

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